The top 10 whey protein powder brands in india

Whey Protein Powder Brands in India

INTRO -#1 In this article you are going to learn ABOUT

#1- Top whey protein powder brands in world & supplement menufacturers.

#2- Best available whey protein powder in india.

#3- Types of whey protein.

#4- Which type of whey protein is best to consume.

#5- Advantage & Disadvantage of protein supplement

#6- Buyer's guide

#7 Where to buy supplements is amazon selling real or fake 

Top 10 best whey protein brands in the world

  1. Optimum Nutrition
  2. Dymatize
  3. Isopure
  4. Cellucor
  5. MTS Nutrition
  6. Ultimate Nutrition
  7. MuscleTech
  8. MusclePharm Corp
  9. Myprotein
  10. BSN

From the best brands of india we selected the best protien powder aswell

Best Whey Protein powders in India

These are the best Whey protein in India

  • Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey Protein powder
  • AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein powder
  • Muscletech Performance Series Nitrotech Whey Protein Isolate Powder
  • Dymatize Nutrition Elite 100% Whey Protein Powder
  • Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93 Isolate Whey Protein Powder
  • Isopure Low Carb 100% Whey Isolate Protein Powder
  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Isolate Whey Protein Powder
  • MuscleBlaze Whey Gold Isolate Whey Protein Powder
  • Muscleblaze Whey Protein Powder
  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder

We have optimized and put a list of best protein powder for every guy in india so you can make decisions easily.

#1- Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey Protein powder.

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Reviews on official website ultimate nutrition and credits for product description ultimate nutrition

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The Power of Prostar 100% Whey:

Prostar 100% Whey utilizes a proprietary micro and ultra-filtration process to ensure the highest quality whey protein powder. We pack the highest protein content per serving with 25 grams of our whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey peptide blend. Prostar 100% Whey mixes instantly to make the best protein shake or smoothie.

Our Research and Development team has perfected the most delicious gourmet flavours like Cocoa Mocha, Chocolate Creme, and Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Get the Facts:

  • 25g of Protein per Serving
  • Only 2g Carbohydrates per Serving
  • Over 6g of Naturally Occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) per Servings
  • Industry-leading Mixability and Taste
  • There are 10+ flavours to choose from
  • low carb protein
  • only one gram of fat & sugar per serving

#2-AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein powder

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Best whey protein in India from AS-IT-IS. 

  • WHEY PROTEIN PROMOTES MUSCLE BUILDING: Gain lean muscles like never before, with AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein.  In its natural, raw form, whey protein is ideal for those who love an intense workout as it boosts recovery and reduces muscle loss.
  • WHEY PROTEIN WITH LIMITED PROCESSING: AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey  Protein Powder has been minimally processed to ensure you get maximum protein and nutrients, as preserved in their original form. You get only clean and pure powder, without any fillers or preservatives.
  • WHEY PROTEIN WITH HIGH PROTEIN CONCENTRATE: AS-IT-IS NUTRITION Whey Protein Each serving of 30g contains 24g protein and 5.4g BCAA, which makes it very effective for muscle gain and synthesis.
  • WHEY PROTEIN WITH FLEXIBILITY OF USE: In its unsweetened and unflavoured form, our AS-IT-IS NUTRITION Whey Protein supplement gives fitness aficionados the flexibility to use it in many ways. Add to your favourite juice, smoothie, pancake or protein bar.
  • WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE WITH ASSURED QUALITY: Our high-quality Whey Protein Concentrate is Non-GMO and Gluten-Free. It has been manufactured in the U.S and has been lab-tested to guarantee the purity of Whey Protein Concentrate.
  • UNFLAVORED RAW WHEY PROTEIN: As Whey Protein Concentrate is unflavoured in nature, it may not taste great. However, it gives you the freedom to add the flavour of your choice.
  • Free from any doping ingredients as per NADA / WADA.

#3-Muscletech Performance Series Nitrotech Whey Protein Isolate Powder

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  • 6.9GBCAAS

Nitro-Tech is our best-in-class, scientifically engineered whey protein formula, enhanced with the most studied form of creatine for even better gains. Creatine helps your muscles produce energy – with 3g of creatine monohydrate, your muscles will recover faster so you can get back into the gym and deliver your best performance.

The whey protein in Nitro-Tech is sourced primarily from whey peptides and isolate – two of the cleanest and purest protein sources available. We delivered this without sacrificing taste – this is a delicious formula minus the added sugar and carbs, with only 4g of carbs and depending on the flavour, no more than 2.5g of fat!

This is the OG for a reason. Nitro-Tech’s original groundbreaking protein formula packs on 70% more muscle and builds more strength than regular whey protein alone.

  • Formulated with 30g of whey isolate & peptides
  • Contains 3g of creatine for amplified recovery, performance & strength
  • Only 4g of carbs and no more than 2.5g of fat per scoop

#4-Dymatize Nutrition Elite 100% Whey Protein Powder

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  • 100% WHEY ISOLATE*


If your goal is gaining muscle size and strength, then Dymatize 100% Whey Isolate is your perfect workout partner. The naturally-occurring amino acids found in Dymatize 100% Whey Isolate support intense resistance training and serious fitness regimens.

Known worldwide for quality, taste and purity, Dymatize 100% Whey Isolate is produced to our highest quality standards. It is made with 100% whey protein isolate which provides a fast-digesting and absorbing protein with zero grams of sugar and only one gram of fat.

Easy to mix and simply delicious, Dymatize 100% Whey Isolate is the perfect before workout, after-workout, anytime protein

#5-Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93 Isolate Whey Protein Powder

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High Quality Whey Protein Isolate:

ISO Sensation 93 contains 100% IsoChill Whey Protein Isolate. IsoChill is a functional whey protein isolate, processed by a novel ultra-low temperature micro-filtration process. It contains a full balance of undenatured bio-active whey proteins, including immunoglobulin (IgG), lactoferrin (Lf), and glycomacropeptide (GMP). It is derived from sweet whey, membrane-filtered, and spray-dried by indirect heat, to ensure the highest product quality.

Prevent Muscle Breakdown:

ISO Sensation 93 includes a glutamine complex to help preserve muscle mass and improve nitrogen balance. It is easily-absorbed and bio-available, peptide-bonded glutamine, N-acetyl L-glutamine and Glutapure which enter muscle cells fast, break down to free glutamine, and perform essential metabolic functions.

Build More Lean Muscle:

Optimizing insulin metabolism can support the muscle-building process. Our SI complex includes alpha-lipoic acid, d-pinitol and 4-hydroxy isoleucine. These ingredients are effective in improving insulin efficiency and sensitivity and copying insulin’s effects on muscle. Greater uptake of blood sugar by muscles could lead to enhanced glycogen synthesis and ultimately greater lean muscle gains. In the end, they all favour better uptake of creatine, glucose and amino acids, and they enhance muscle recovery and growth without excess sugar consumption.

Fast Delivery and Easy to Digest:

Our enhanced delivery system includes D complex: a blend of the digestive aids protease and lactase for superior digestibility, ensuring maximum absorption and utilization of the nutrients in this formula. These enzymes contribute to the health of the digestive tract and can increase the utilization of whey protein. Try a gourmet-flavoured ISO-Sensation 93 today and you’ll be hooked.

Get the Facts:

  • 30g Protein
  • 93% Protein per serving
  • Contains 98% IsoChill Whey Isolate

#6-Isopure Low Carb 100% Whey Isolate Protein Powder

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Pack in high-quality protein, without packing on the carbs. Just pick your level: Zero Carb or Low-Carb (which also has ZERO sugar), both with 25 grams of 100% pure whey protein isolate per scoop and added vitamins and minerals—to help you perform at your peak. It’s made with naturally occurring and added glutamine—and always without gluten, lactose or fillers. Available in a wide range of flavours so you can mix up some seriously tasty and dynamic recipes.


  • Supports muscle building and recovery
  • Helps meet daily protein needs
  • Weight management support (helps keep you feeling full between meals)
  • Supports muscle health as we age


  • Post workout or other strenuous activity
  • First thing in the morning
  • Between meals


Mix 1 scoop with 6 fluid ounces of water, milk or your favourite beverage in a shaker or blender.

This is a Vegetarian product.

  • 25 grams of protein per serving; 100 per cent whey protein isolate
  • When to Consume: Post-workout or other strenuous activity, First thing in the morning, Between meals
  • Gluten-free, lactose-free and aspartame free, Protein % per Serving: 81.0
  • Glutamine enriched loaded with BCAAs
  • There is no seal inside the cap, the product has a plastic shrink wrap seal around the cap (outside) for protection from contamination
  • On all the protein tubs you will find blue ink jet printing listing a manufacturer date, expiration date and batch code. There may be a slight difference with the actual product and the images displayed

#7-Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Isolate Whey Protein Powder

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To create a GOLD STANDARD 100% ISOLATE, we start by selecting only the highest quality whey protein which undergoes a series of sophisticated filtration processes to ‘isolate’ out excess fat, cholesterol and sugar. A portion of this Whey Protein Isolate is then hydrolyzed – broken down into smaller chains of amino acids – for easier digestion. The final product is a fast-digesting complete protein containing no more than 1 gram of carbohydrates, less than 1 gram of fat and more than 80% pure protein per serving. We put in the hard work to assure super quality, so you can focus on achieving ambitious performance goals.

  • Hydrolyzed & Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein Isolate
  • 1 gram of Carbs Per Serving
  • At Least 80% Protein Per Serving
  • Delicious Taste in 6 to 8 Fl. Oz. of Cold Water
  •  5.5 Grams of Naturally Occurring BCAAs
  • 4.3 Grams of Naturally Occurring Glutamine & Glutamic Acid
  • 11.4 Grams of Naturally Occurring Essential Amino Acids

#8-MuscleBlaze Whey Gold Isolate Whey Protein Powder

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Per 30gm of 66 servings Contains*

  • 25 g of Protein
  • 5.5 g of BCAA
  • 11.75 g of EAA
  • 109 of Kcal
  • 83.0 of Protein % per Serving

Product Details

  • MuscleBlaze Whey Gold is manufactured using Whey from the United States and delivers 25g of protein per 30g serving
  • Enriched with 5.5g of BCAA(s) and 11.75g of EAA(s), MuscleBlaze® Whey Gold boosts anabolism in the body to achieve lean muscle gain
  • Guaranteed Protein Certificate from a 3rd party lab (NABL accredited) makes it the most authentic product available in the market
  • With 5.5g BCAA, 1.65g Carb and 0.46g fat per serving, this is the most impeccable protein powder supplement available
  • Customers should mix 1 scoop (30g) in 180-200 ml water for best results

#9-Muscleblaze Whey Protein Powder

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Per 33gm of 60 servings Contains*

  • 25 g of Protein
  • 5.5 g of BCAA
  • 11.7 g of EAA
  • 4.3 g of Glutamic acid
  • 125.45 of Kcal

Product Details

  • MuscleBlaze Whey Protein with 25g protein and 5.5g BCAA per serving leads to faster muscle gain and recovery making it the best Whey protein Supplement powder
  • MuscleBlaze Whey Protein is manufactured using Whey from the United States of America ensuring protein quality of international standards
  • Whey Protein Isolate, the major ingredient also considered the most superior form of protein is the primary source of protein with Whey protein concentrate as the secondary source
  • Consumers aiming for muscle gain should mix 1 scoop (33g) in 180-210 ml water and take 1-2 shakes per day

Per 33gm of 60 servings Contains*

#10-Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder

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Whey Protein Isolates (WPI) are the purest form of whey protein that currently exists. WPIs are costly to use, but the rate among the best proteins that money can buy. That’s why they’re the first ingredient you read on the Gold Standard 100% Whey™ label. By using WPI as the primary ingredient along with premium ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate (WPC), we’re able to pack 24 grams of protein into every serving to support your muscle-building needs after training. ON’s attention to detail also extends to mixability. This superior quality powder has been instantized to mix easily using a shaker cup or just a glass and spoon. There’s no doubt that this is the standard by which all other whey proteins are measured.

  • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) Main Ingredient
  • Whey Protein Micro fractions from Whey Protein Isolates & Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Over 4 Grams of Glutamine & Glutamic Acid in Each Serving
  • More Than 5 Grams of the Naturally Occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine in Each Serving
  • The “Gold Standard” for Protein Quality

Top Whey Protein Powder Brands In India
Top 10 Whey Protein Powder Brands In India – Whey protein is considered as the complete protein and accommodates all of the important amino acids. Whey protein powder can benefit gym-goers and it supplies benefits to on regular basis guys also to complete his/her protein required in his/her diet who need to stay healthy or build more muscle mass and speed up the recovery process to improve the overall general physique. If you’re additionally the one who goes to the gym and desires to achieve your health goals very quickly then right here now we have all the details about the top 10 whey protein powder brands in India. You’ll be able to easily order these supplements from all the highest brands on-line from GymVitals. We provide the product which is greatest, imported, branded, and authenticate.

Types of Whey Protein:

As we know, There are mainly three different types of whey protein available; Let’s take a look at three different options for you in India and you can check globally as well.

#1- whey protein isolate.

Whey protein contains many rapidly digested proteins and amino acids and is a common ingredient in dietary supplements. There are two common forms are whey isolate and whey concentrate. Whey isolates undergo whey concentrations from different processing, resulting better in fewer proteins and more protein-rich isolates

With a fat serving despite its health benefits, with some concerned about its safety. That said, whey protein are safe for most people and is a convenient way to increase your protein intake. Summary: Whey protein is generally safe and can help you build muscle and strength, lose weight, reduce hunger, and boost your metabolism.

Whey protein isolate has been further filtered by whey concentrations and has more fat and lactose (carbs) removed.

Therefore, it has a higher protein percentage and is absorbed more rapidly than whey concentrate. Because it is low in lactose, it can be beneficial for those who have trouble with dairy products. They have many commercial uses,

But you may be more familiar with whey protein, a mixture of proteins isolated from whey. Whey protein comes from cow’s milk, is a rich source of the body’s essential amino acids, is efficiently digested and absorbed and is the most nutritious protein available.

By consuming fast-absorbing proteins such as whey protein immediately after your workout, you are supplying your muscles with the amino acids they need to repair and grow, right when they benefit the most. The sooner you can consume whey protein after your workout, the better

#2- whey protein hydrolysate

Whey protein hydrolyzate (hydro whey) is the purest and ultra form of whey protein and is produced through a process called hydrolysis. In this process, the protein chain is broken into small segments. These newly formed protein particles are very small and are easily absorbed by the body and are called peptides.

Therefore, the rate of digestion and absorption of WPH is faster than any other form of whey protein. It is often used to speed up the process of recovery and protein synthesis.

Benefits of Whey Protein Hydrolyzate:
WPH has a better bioavailability than any other form of whey protein. Known for its high quality of protein content near 85% with a high rate of absorption, hydrolide whey protein is considered to be the highest quality form among other whey proteins.

The best time to consume WPH is immediately after a workout, as it quickly transports amino acids and proteins to the muscles. For this reason, WPH is considered the ideal supplement used for post workout. This quickly initiates the recovery process and ultimately enhances muscle growth, repair and recovery. Therefore, it is an ideal protein supplement for any athlete who needs to accelerate the recovery process and promote muscle growth after an intensive training.

Hydrolyzed whey protein vs other forms of whey protein
HWP has better bioavailability than other form of whey protein. It is an ideal supplement used primarily for post workouts to move nutrients quickly to the muscles. It enhances the recovery process and speeds up the process of muscle growth, repair and recovery.

However, WPH is one of the most expensive forms of whey protein. Hydrolyzed whey protein is the most expensive form of whey protein. So it is worth asking yourself whether the added benefits are worth the extra price tag you are paying.

As stated above, it can be useful if your goal is to build lean muscle and speed up the recovery process after training.

In short, hydrolyzed whey is a broken version of regular whey and is easy on your digestive system. It delivers the fastest protein to your body for faster recovery. If it appears at the top of the ingredient list, then you’ve got a great product on your hands.

#3- whey protein concentrate

Whey protein concentrate is the cheapest and most common form of whey protein, a by-product of cheese production. Whey protein concentrate is a common bodybuilding supplement that is used to increase dietary protein intake, often with the goal of maximizing muscle overgrowth.

Whey protein usually comes in three major forms: concentrates (WPC), isolates (WPI), and hydrolyzate (WPH).

Fat and cholesterol levels are low (but still significant) in concentration, but in general, bioactive compounds in the form of lactose contain high levels of carbohydrates; They are only 29% to 89% protein by weight.

Things to consider before buying protein powder (buyer’s guide)

Buyer Guide:
Protein Source:
The best option is to go with a whey protein isolate. But if you have digestive problems, you can try hydrolyzed whey as it is easily absorbed and digested by the body. Casein-based whey powder is digested more slowly so it is slightly less useful for building muscle. There is not much scientific evidence available for the effectiveness of collagen proteins.

A protein powder that requires up to 3 percent of your daily carbs per serving is optimal. Carbs increase insulin, which in turn promotes amino-acid absorption stimulating muscle growth and thus more muscle growth. Plain protein powder with eight ounces. Carbs will be given to workout after needing low-fat milk.

Artificial sweeteners and flavors:
Companies sometimes use artificial sugars like stevia or natural zero-calorie ones to keep calories and carbs down, but artificial sweeteners can harm beneficial gutter bacteria. Sugar alcohol may have laxative effects. Therefore unsweetened is the best bet. Whey protein comes in different flavors that suit the taste of the person consuming it. They have flavors like Double Rich Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cream and Cookies, etc.

Most high-quality protein powders have comparable prices per gram of protein. All have a big punch of amino acids to build muscle. But if you are looking for some best price powders, then we have provided a comprehensive list of goodies that will help you. If you are on a tight budget, whey protein concentrates will work, but isolates are the most preferred type of milk protein for building muscle.

We have tried to provide an optimal solution to your whey protein needs by catering a good number of products. At the end of the day, the product you choose ultimately comes down to personal preference in terms of macros, formulas, and tastes. Try some people and see which one you like.

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